Wills / Estate Planning Lawyers in CT

Many clients come to us asking for a "simple will." We're not here to make the process complicated, but even the most basic will involves important choices. For most of us, it has taken a good deal of time to accumulate the assets which are the focus of our will. We want our clients to be fully knowledgeable about the choices available to them.

An estate plan involves more than the transfer of property at death. We'll help make sure your plan of distribution is clear and workable. We'll deal with issues such as the protection of assets left to minor children. We'll also discuss how your property would be handled if you became incapable of handling your affairs during your lifetime. We'll make sure your wishes are clear should you become incapable of making medical decisions on your own.

The area of estate taxes can be extremely complex. We'll check to see if your estate could be taxed at either the State or Federal level. If so, we'll discuss the options available to you.

It is our experience that while a good deal of estate planning involves contingencies that may never occur, creating a plan gives our clients the security of knowing that no matter what happens, their personal and financial wishes will be implemented.

We’ll be happy to provide you with further information on estate planning in Connecticut (CT).