Traditional Approach to Family Law in CT

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The most common approach to a family law case remains that in which each side retains a family law attorney in Connecticut (CT) to protect their interests. The lawyer owes an undivided obligation to the client. Among the responsibilities of the attorney is the accumulation of appropriate financial information, filing court pleadings, and preparation for trial.

Many people believe that a decision to use the traditional approach is a choice to take a case to trial. That is not necessarily the case. In every legal matter, we use a variety of techniques to explore the possibility of settlement. It is important to know that even using the traditional approach, more than 90 percent of all cases are resolved prior to trial.

Of course, there are conflicts which cannot be resolved through negotiation. A family trial involves the formality and evidentiary rules of any other court matter. If you’d like to learn more about our trial experience, we’ll be happy to provide you with additional information.