Just about everything you read these days has a disclaimer—a long statement in “legalese” limiting the responsibility of the writer. We try to communicate with our clients in plain English, so here’s what we have to say.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information about our law firm and our lawyers, not to provide you with legal advice. In fact, we wouldn’t presume to offer advice to anyone without making sure that we had learned everything that was important about their situation.

Neither your receipt of information from this website, nor your use of this website to contact Gould & Gillin or one of its attorneys creates an attorney-client relationship between you and Gould & Gillin. Accordingly, you should not use this website to provide confidential information about a legal matter of yours to Gould & Gillin.

We aren’t comparing our services to those of any other law practice. The truth is that Connecticut has lots of fine lawyers, many of whom are our friends and colleagues.

We’ll use every effort to provide you with the best possible legal advice, but we can’t provide you with a guarantee as to an outcome. Every case is different, and every case involves at least some level of uncertainty.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Gould & Gillin. We look forward to working with you.