Arbitration in CT

35 Years Of Experience Specializing in Family Law & Divorce Cases in CT

Arbitration involves the submission of disputes to a neutral third party. The Connecticut (CT) arbitrator makes a decision based on the testimony and evidence presented to him/her under the principles of Connecticut law. Arbitration is similar to a court trial or hearing but the procedures are less formal. Arbitration differs from mediation in that it involves a binding decision.

Connecticut has an arbitration statute which allows many family issues to be submitted to a Connecticut (CT) arbitrator, but there are some matters (such as child custody) which can only be tried in court.

Sometimes, we represent clients whose best interest is served by handling a matter through arbitration. On other occasions we serve as the arbitrator. The parties may have their own lawyer or they may be self represented. Self representation is more appropriate where the issues are so limited that it would not be cost effective to hire an attorney specializing in arbitration. For example, self represented parties often ask us to resolve disputes involving the specifics of the division of personal property.

We’ll be happy to provide you with further information and help you decide if arbitration is right for you.