Gould & Gillin, P.C. is Proud to Announce

         That Attorney Howard M. Gould

          Joined the Middletown Law firm,

       Farrell, Geenty, Sheeley, Boccalatte

    & Guarino, P.C., (click here for FGSB-law.com) on July 1, 2017.



With this move, Attorney Gould and the law firm of Gould & Gillin advance their 40-year goal to provide clients with quality legal services associated with larger firms, while maintaining the personal attention expected in a smaller practice.

From our client's perspective, much will be familiar.  Attorney Gould will be Farrell, Geenty, Sheeley, Boccalatte & Guarino's   (click here for FGSB-law.com)  Resident Partner in Old Saybrook.  He will remain available to clients at the Old Saybrook office and can be contacted at his usual phone number  (860 388-0876).  Officially, however, he will be handling legal matters in his capacity as the Resident Partner of FGSB (click here for FGSB-law.com) .

With eight lawyers, FGSB (click here for FGSB-law.com)  is the largest law firm in Middlesex County and Attorney Gould's clients will benefit from the efficiency and resources of that larger firm.  More importantly, Attorney Gould and his clients will have the advantages and benefits of an association with a group of outstanding lawyers who can continue to meet the diverse legal needs of Gould & Gillin's clientele.